Document Purpose

The purpose of this Notice is to protect a home from consideration by a Medicaid agency as a countable asset in determining eligibility for Medicaid benefits. This Notice is pursuant to federal rules 20 C.F.R. § 416.1212(c) and state regulations.

Who Should Use this Document

  • Medicaid long term care applicants who reside outside of their primary home or intend to reside outside their primary home in the foreseeable future.
  • Medicaid long term care beneficiaries who reside outside of their primary home who have had a change of residents who do reside in the primary home (such as a spouse or other relative).


  • Certain states require a physician’s statement to accompany this Form.  Read about them here.
  • The following states (AL, AK, DE, HI, KS, MD,NC, OK, SC, SD, TX, WY) have their own forms for Intent to Return.  Read about them here.

For health reasons, I, ____________________________________________ (Full Name) am currently residing or intend to reside outside my primary home located at ____________________________ (Street Address) in ___________________ (City) ________ (State) ________ (Zip) .
My temporary residence is at ____________________________ (Street Address)   in ___________________ (City)   ________ (State)   ________ (Zip) . However, my primary residence is still my home. When my health permits, I intend to return to reside in my home.
Accordingly, the undersigned declares she/he swears or affirms that she/he intends to return to her home.
Name:          _________________________
Date:            _________________________
Signature:    _________________________
  • Agent under Power of Attorney
  • Declarant (Applicant / Beneficiary)
  • Spouse of Declarant (Spouse of Applicant / Beneficiary)    

Should you need additional information regarding the validity, interpretation, or the administration of this Notice, you should contact the following person at:

Name:         _________________________
Phone:        _________________________
Address:     _________________________             (Insert name, address and telephone number of contact person)
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